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   Facial nerve runs from Pons to Parotid gland.

Branches are-

1)      Greater superficial petrosal nerve:

         Arise:  from geniculate ganglion.

         Supply: Lacrimal gland & glands of nasal mucosa & palate.

2)      Nerve to Stepidius:

         Arise: At the level of second genu.

         Supply: Stepedius muscle.

3)      Chorda Tympani:

         Arise: Middle vertical segment.

         Supply: Submandibular & sublingual gland (secretomotor fibres).

              Taste from anterior 2/3rd of tongue.


4)      Communicating branch:

          Join: Auricular branch of Vagus.

          Supply: concha, retroauricular groove, posterior meatus, outer surface of TM.

5)      Posterior auricular branch:

          Communicate: With auricular branch of Vagus.

          Supply: Muscles of pinna, occipital belly of occipito frontalis.

6)      Muscular Branch:

          Supply: Stylohyoid & posterior belly of Digastric.

7)      Peripheral branches: 1. Temporal branch.

                                            2. Zygomatic branch.

                                            3. Buccal branch.

                                            4. Mandibular branch

          Supply: Muscles of facial expression.