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   SCREENING is testing for infection or disease in a population or in individuals who are not seeking health care.

Example- * Serological testing for AIDS virus in blood donors. * Neonatal screening for syphilis.

   CASE FINDING is use of clinical and/ or laboratory tests to detect disease in individuals seeking health care for other reasons.

Example- * VDRL test to detect syphilis in pregnant women.

* Pulmonary TB in chest symptoms.

* Hypertension. * Cervical cancer. * Breast cancer. * Diabetes mellitus.

  Screening tests results are arbitrary & final case finding is not final but modifies the light of new evidence.

  Screening is based on one criterion, but case finding is base on evaluation of a number of symptoms.

  Screening is less accurate & less expensive, but case-finding is more accurate & more expensive.

  Screening is not a basis for treatment but case finding is used as a basis for treatment.

  In screening initiative comes from investigator or agency providing cure, but in case finding, initiative comes from a patient with a complaint. So, screening & case findings are not synonymous.