HOW STRESS EAT OUR BODY???


   Stress :-

 In psychology, stress is feeling of strain and pressure. Mostly we knows about stress is negative emotions.

 In this topic I am going to discuss how negative emotions harm our body day by day.


  1st:- Amygdala and hippocampus, a small portion of brain contributes to emotional processing. And Amygdala sends a distress signal to hypothalamus in case of stress.

  2nd:- Hypothalamus, is a most important part of brain, which communicates with other part of brain as well as whole body by autonomic nervous system. Hypothalamus also connected and regulate the pituitary gland ,means hormonal system. And also regulate the secretion of adrenal gland. In stress condition more distress signal come to hypothalamus and altered the normal function of it. So pituitary gland secretion and adrenal gland secretion also be altered.

  3rd:- Adrenal gland, :- Hypothalamus produces corticotropin releasing hormone ( CRH) that stimulate pituitary gland to secretion ACTH . Then ACTH stimulate Adrenal gland to secretion many hormone like aldosterone, epinephrine, norepinephrine, glucocorticoid , androgenic hormones etc. In stress condition if Hypothalamus, pituitary normal function altered , so Adrenal gland secretion also be altered. Means excess secretion .It is shown in stress condition a lot of stress hormone secreted from Adrenal gland.

  If Amygdala and hippocampus sends distress signal continuously in chronic stress then altered Hypothalamus/ pituitary gland secretion and ultimately adrenal gland secretion altered, like excess secretion of stress hormone.


   Adrenal Fatigue:- Our adrenal gland produces hormone, including Adrenaline and cortisol , which are essential for mounting an effective response to stress . However these response are predicted on notion that the stress response is a short lived reaction to immediate threats that resolve quickly. When someone experience ongoing stress the Adrenal gland get overextended, and can end up having the equivalent of a nervous breakdown and behave erratically.

  The notion that “ burned out” Adrenal simply stop producing the full amount of hormones is that exhausted Adrenal produces either too little or too much hormone. In both cases the negative health Effects are profound. For examples, excess Adrenal can deplete your brain of important neurochemicals leaving you feeling depressed. Excess cortisol can put extreme burden on your liver , Central nervous system and brain. Too little cortisol can wreak its own Havoc's ,and negatively affect thyroids function.

  Symptoms of adrenal fatigue may include weakness, lack of energy , trouble concentration, easily confused, forgetfulness, trouble completing basic tasks , poor digestion, depression ,

  Here i discuss how Adrenal gland responsible for some important diseases during chronic stress……

  A:- suppression of immunity;-

As most of adrenal hormones are steroids , they can suppress immunity of our body.

  B:- Effects on heart:- Adrenalin hormones can regulate heart rate and pressure and other function of heart. So in stress condition can causes altered these function of heart. So hypertension ,faster heart rate, LVH etc can occur in chronic stress.

  C:- Decrease memories, attention and other neurological problem:-

      It is proven that excess stress hormone can Decrease the functions of neurons and frontal lobe. So Decrease memories,attention and other brain problems can occur.

  D:- By products of stress hormones:-

   Effect on brain:-  In chronic stress large amount of hormone by products form , which reach in brain. That's by products can act as sedative . Which causes feeling low energy, depression , anxiety, mood disorder etc.

   Effect on organs:- injury to organ cells;:-  by products reach in organs and causes direct injury to organ cells . Mostly affected organs are pancreas , liver , thyroids gland. And others gland also affected. So complications like Diabetes , liver disease, thyroids diseases etc.


  E:- Infectious diseases:- By products of stress hormones can be used as food by infective agent like bacteria, virus , fungus and others infective agents. So infective agents can easily live in body and cause diseases because they are facilitate by body by two ways 1. Immune suppression and 2. Excess food..


  F:- Ions disbalance in body :- Excess secretion of stress hormone causes altered secretion of glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid , aldosterone hormones secretion. So it can causes disbalance in ions in body.

  G:- Reproductive problem:- chronic stress can altered androgenic hormones secretion. So many Reproductive problem can occur.

  H:- others diseases:- Other diseases like osteoporosis, bone marrow suppression , eye problem , appetite problem , vertigo etc can occur for chronic stress.

  So stress is a serious problem in modern days. Every person must be aware about stress. And do not compromise with chronic stress. Always try to stay happy and allow your body to free from diseases. 




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